Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A movement to add a day to the weekend: "Youday"!

I propose we as Americans are even more so, obviously, Earthlings should begin a movement to add a day to our calendar week. I know this may sound crazy at first, but hear me out...
The Sumerians and Babylonians invented "The Week". It is an arbitrary invention, although (AB:) probably invented as a useful subdivision (1/4th) of the lunar month, lasting approx. 28 days. The Sumerians and the Babylonians divided the year into weeks of seven days each, one of which they designated a day of recreation. So perhaps it is a basic human necessity to rest one of every 7 days which gives a fundamental character to the length of a week. The Jews adopted their calendar from the Babylonians during their stay there after the destruction of the Temple.

The Babylonians named each of the days after one of the five planetary bodies known to them and after the Sun and the Moon, a custom later adopted by the Romans. For a time the Romans used a period of eight days in civil practice, but in AD 321 Emperor Constantine established the seven-day week in the Roman calendar and designated Sunday as the first day of the week. Subsequent days bore the names Moon's-day, Mars'-day, Mercury's-day, Jupiter's-day, Venus'-day, and Saturn's-day. Constantine, a convert to Christianity, decreed that Sunday should be a day of rest and worship.

The days assigned by the Romans to the Sun, Moon, and Saturn were retained for the corresponding days of the week in English (Sunday, Monday, and Saturday) and several related languages. The other weekday names in English are derived from Anglo-Saxon words for the gods of Teutonic mythology. Initially, I believe the Romans were on to something with the 8 day week. This, before Constantine lost his mind. Maybe we was into gambling or superstitious over the number "seven".

It is obvious we are missing out on time by adding a day to the end of February every four years (leap year). I would rather have too much time in a year than too little, we can pay back the Months every year by taking away weeks in long and/or frivolous months. The cold, dreary month of January is too long anyway. Fifty-two weeks means we need to eliminate 52 days (approx 7.4 traditional weeks). Instead of leap years, January will be short like February and all will be happy during the dead of winter, because it's so much shorter. There are six months total that have 31 days. Bam! Take away a week from those months. July is "hot as hell" so let's take a week from that 30 day month. The whole "Black Friday", post Thanksgiving thing is such a capitalist fiasco. Now, 21 days in November too! So, we went over the mark by about .6 weeks which would compensate for the 24 hour period we must make up every four years. With me?

Further more, this should be a weekend day. Sunday would simply become a midweekend day by wrapping up the weekend with "Youday". With what the world has come to, Saturdays and Sundays are so hectic trying to compensate for the lack of time available Monday through Friday. Let's set this day aside for mankind, us, you! We deserve it. A day when we can do whatever "we" the people want. Anything! What would you do? I mean, the laws still apply... You shouldn't rob a bank or anything. Never mind, all financial institutions should be closed!

Jim Q

Thanks to and group discussions for your information and assistance.

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  1. The mind works in mysterious ways....especially Jim Quick's... but I'm on board!!! Where do I sign the petition???!!!!