Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Weather Cancels Coastline in Dunn, NC

"Simply nasty!", said guitarist, Casey Meyer. We made it home to Wilmington last night from Rock Hill, SC (just outside Charlotte, NC). But, because of what the Weather Channel refers to as "The Triple Threat", we had to venture southward to make it back to the coast. Traveling down to Columbia, SC then over to Florence, SC and back up to Hwy 74 near Lumberton, NC to head east was quite the Journey. It added a bit more time in the travel but the first stretch of the voyage was treacherous nonetheless.

So, with the onslaught of daybreak brings a frenzy of calls to determine what's in the best interest of the band, the fans, and the venue for tonight's performance. I'm almost certain it's easier for a school board to decide on releasing the kids from classes. This time, the answer was obvious... "safety first". The show this evening at the Regency in Dunn, NC has been cancelled due to severe inclement weather. Please be safe and don't travel unnecessarily our dear inland friends.

By the way, "one" is snow and "two" is ice. What's the "third" threat?

Signed perplexed,

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