Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Warren Oil helps victims in Haiti

Our management group and lead sponsor, Warren Oil, offered the use of two private planes to fly a doctor team and support staff to Cap Hatien, Haiti, which is about eighty miles from the affected site. In all, about twenty people headed on the mission to what is called "Haiti Hospital".

Irvin Warren, Gary Peacock, and WECT's Bob Townsend joined a group of Wilmington doctors who traveled to Port au Prince to help victims of the deadly earthquake. They left the middle of last week and returned early Monday morning.

I am proud to live in a community where the top medical surgeons came together and donated there time and skills to help those in desperate need. I am most proud of the association I have with the most caring and generous man I've ever known. Irvin Warren supplied the much needed transportation and made arrangements for a most impossible mission of simply getting in an out of a chaotic disaster. The trip was a success with a boy's arm saved from amputation minutes after arrival. There are many stories that follow in those days of service. All just returned safely. Kudos to you Mr. Warren and yours. May we all learn from your benevolence.

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