Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Bunny Brings The Good Eggs

Y'all, the weather forecast gets better and better as Easter Sunday approaches. Hope I don't jinx our Spring Break by being so prematurely positive about Mother Nature's gift of sunny skies and mid-seventies temperatures. There is a bit of miscommunication on the time of the recorded performance. It is at 1 (one) pm!!! Tell everybody you know. Copy and paste this URL and email it to all your friends. No tables or seats will be reserved so its first come and first served. Take advantage of some really cool stuff and opportunities for the early birds at the show.

I know you guys may think it's crazy, but I'm actually a little nervous about this show. I usually don't care about being in recorded shows or any part of live productions. However, I have never been taped live for mass production with the spotlight solely on me and my songs! Under the microscope and analyzed while pouring my heart out through my life-long works is completely abnormal for me.

Yet, this being in the most settling atmosphere for me to perform seems ironic considering HOTOs is one the wildest venues I've ever played. Nonetheless, we started the live tradition there and it's only fair that we document it for posterity and keepsake of alcoholism, gluttony and sexual indulgence. I will be surrounded by my "Coastline Crazies" to comfort me and ground me... Hopefully, it won't get too wild! Just your average "Quick like" family show. Yea, this ought to prove to be one tremendous performance. I work well under pressure people! Where's my blankie?

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