Thursday, March 25, 2010

Live CD at HOTO's on Easter Sunday

It's been twelve years since my last live endeavor. Due to an overwhelming and unruly demand (the "Crazies" want their way...God I love 'em), we have finalized the making of a "Live CD" project to be recorded on Easter Sunday at HOTOs starting at 1pm. This is our debut for our Sunday Summer series of the season (that was a mouthful). It's usually slammed packed (like the kitchen garbage-can on a cold, rainy night).
So, I was going to surprise everyone and just release the CD later in the month of April. Then I started to think of everybody who would have killed me for not telling them about this FREE CONCERT being taped, so they could be here on this monumental day. I have a lot of surprises for all our guests that day too. Just a note: we will be paying tribute on the same day to a gentleman who discovered Coastline back in the early 90's, Mr. Billy Scott. He's had major health issues these past years and been without work, so we will come to bat for him that day as well. So, make your party plans and let's get ready to make and record history!

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  1. Jim Quick, Billy Scott......what a combo....and with Delbert at HOB.........this just keeps getting betterer and betterer..........:-))