Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Little Head Does The Thinkin'

So, last night we had rave reviews at the Triangle Spring Fling on our new performance of the John Hiatt masterpiece "Little Head". If you didn't know already, Mr. Hiatt is one of my favorite writers ever! He wrote our regional smash hit, " The Tiki Bar is Open", Delbert McClinton's "Have A Little Faith in Me", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Bonnie Raitt, and a hog slop jar more... Check him out when you get a chance at John Hiatt's Official Website.

Anyway, this all leads up to Casey buying his latest CD "The Open Road". I can honestly say, as big of fan I am of his work, I really didn't care much for his previous two endeavors. However, this one is really cool. He's using his live band and producing this project on his own. It's killer! Kinda raw listening at first, yet it grows on you like Spanish Moss at Lee State Park (near Bishopville, SC and the site of the first sighting of The Lizard Man).

My next project will not be using my live band. Instead, I will follow suit to the Nashville tradition of using studio musicians fit for the hired producers ear. In this case it's Gary Nicholson's call. I'm excited but nervous because not only will I not be in control, but I will be surrounded by musicians like "Dick 50" (Delbert McClinton's band) and Nashville's "Fortunate Sons". Capped off with singers joining me like Becka Bramlett. It ought to prove to be one of my best collections ever out of fear and spirit. We shall see.

The whole thing with doing a record without my boys seemed strange at first. But it's a common practice even in the Beach Music market. Especially considering my guys are Keith Houston's favorite "go to" guys to make his KHP sound for numerous artists other than me. He's comfortable with them and he gets the sound he wants effective in a timely and financial manner. The same as the Grammy Award Winning ears of Mr. Nicholson will be doing for me (I can only hope). My wish is that you are just as anxious for this project to hit the streets as me. Check out our new rendition of "Little Head" live at one our shows and pick up Hiatts new release while your out at like Barnes and Noble or somewhere that still sells decent music.

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