Friday, April 9, 2010

Cheifs, Masters, Thirstys, and Double Doors!

It's been one wild ride on the west side of the Carolinas so far, and dipping into east Georgia. We started out at Chief's Wings and Firewater. "Beach Bob" Ross, the top Radio DJ in the Upstate, was our host for the evenings festivities. The days adventure was adorned with a radio interview with Albert, Sam, Casey, Crystal and myself. That in itself was something to behold. We performed on Chief David's deck Wednesday night under God's lantern-like stars. To be honest, at times it seem surreal as the crowd and the band connected in a southern storybook like atmosphere. It's was on to Augusta during Masters week at Cadillac's. You know it's a party when some of our hometown people leave Wilmington during Azalea Fest. Not sure if it was Coastline, the return of Tiger, John Daly's merchandising, or maybe just the whole crazy golf craze. I'm willing to bet it was none of the above. It's weird playing in smoke filled clubs right now. Especially considering we've only been under NC new smoke-free laws for a few months. Well, we won't have to deal with that tonight as we return to another "home from home". Greensboro's haven for shag, Thirty's 2, will be our stomping ground tonight. It seems like forever since we've been in the Piedmont. Not only is Tittle on the road with me, but Daddy Boom Boom and the OD Mafia are making an appearance for the remainder of the weekend. This family "get together" should prove to be nothing less than exuberant! Tomorrow, we wrap up our trip by chilling on Lake Norman (The Nascar Sea), then shaking it up at The Double Door Inn. Sunday I should be sun-burned and raspy, kinda like a redneck after a July 4th party on the Lumber River. All this, just in time for Casey and I to shut up and finalize the production of the "Spring Break Live at HOTOs" CD and send it on for manufacturing. You can still order your advance copy before it hits stores. Get it from Bo from this page on Beach Music Online. Those pre-orders will come with an autographed aerial photo of that monumental and just plain mental performance.

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