Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Live at Hotos" CD on the way press!

It was a windy Easter Sunday on the deck of Harold's On The Ocean. Coastline and myself kicked off a long awaited recording of a live performance. We wanted to keep it a simple and pure as an actual show. Well, with the help of Casey's exceptional talents and an ear for what makes our swamp-soul sound, he has produced a phenomenal representation of our down east, southern-rock and blues, style. It just now being shipped to the manufacturer as he as also completed comparable artwork for the package. The ariel photos by our pilot friend, Jay Truesdale, are also being printed this week exclusively for those who pre-ordered this collection. So, sit back and check your mail in a couple of weeks or get ready to get yours in stores or at shows just a little bit later. I'm very proud or my band, my crew, and especially my friend and guitarist Casey Meyer. It's all for my crazies. Thank you for your patience... The wait will seem frivolous.
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  1. Looking forward to hearing it Jim! I know it is going to be great...LOT of talent in them grooves brother! Much love to all you guys...T-3