Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Whether the Weather!?!? Tonight at IT'Z Canceled!

This past weekend, the bottom fell out. Hurricane Hyco hit Coastline's live show Saturday night. I heard Jim Cantore showed up just as we left. Thanks to the boys in the band for being so cooperative after not having a day off in over two weeks (all outside, hot-ass, shows). Especially Ken Holland (my road manager) and the rest of the crew for kicking it into high gear to save the gear and future shows. I'm truly blessed to be surrounded by these guys, supported by incredible management, and loved by the best friends and fans in the world. We are up and running, after a three day dry off. Fayetteville, NC was to host that "swamp-soul" sound tonight IT'Z. However, the threat of inclement weather has placed a postponement of the performance to Wednesday, July, 28th. So, we shall see you Cumberland County Coastline Crazies next month... waders on and chin up... we'll see y'all next month.

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