Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Come Back King!

It's a crazy time... You would think that it would be slow this time of the year for us. NOT!!! Even though we are only playing three or four shows a week, we are in the studio right now recording our 2nd King Tyrone album after a 5 year sabbatical from the debut release. This project will prove to be my most innovative a creative thus far. I pray it's not going to be too over the top and will be widely accepted, otherwise I may just eat too much Skinny Cow icecream while watching afternoon talk shows and spending all my doe on BOGO specials at the Rack Room. Don't let me become that person, lie too me if you must! We are also planning a few more escapades with Umbrella Events. After a great New Year Party, Joey and I are hosting our inaugural "Frozen Beach Ball" on January 26th near Wallace at the Mad Boar. Get tickets in advance for only 10 bucks. Check out the details at http://www.umbrellaevent.com

While your there, look into our musical adventure to Key West in October. You NEED to sign up as soon as you can (today if possible). The first one hundred of only 200 people will be getting some extras. Call Nancy NOW for details and it only takes $250 to reserve your spot: (770)881-7300

This Thursday we will be at Broad Street Bar & Grill in Southern Pines, NC around 8PM. Friday, we kick things off at Mid-Winter SOS at Fat Harold's on Main in Ocean Drive at 1pm in the afternoon. Saturday we hit the south side of Myrtle Beach. Join us at The Marlin in Garden City at 8pm. Finally, stay tuned as we are working on surprise for y'all this Sunday...
Smell the love people,
Jim Q

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